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Construction in Goshen

Use the map below to view Surf's Fiber Internet construction in Goshen. You can also check your address to see if service is available, or sign up for notifications when service is available in your area.

Surf Internet
Construction Map

This map displays the current status of Surf Fiber construction projects near you. Click the icon to automatically find your location, or simply type your address in the search field.

Fiber Available
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Active Indiana Construction Projects

Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet in Goshen

Transparent Pricing

Our Price-Lock Guarantee means you can set and forget your service. When you purchase Surf Fiber Optic Internet, you lock your starting rate for the life of your account.

Unlimited Data

It’s hard work to track data usage, throttle speeds, and bill you incrementally for overages… we’re not looking for extra work. We’d rather just let you use as much data as you need for one low price.

No Contracts

Most Internet companies use contracts to lure you in at a low price and then raise it once the term is up. We believe that our service and value should earn your business year after year, we don't need to trick you into staying.

Whole-Home WiFi

Unlock the full potential of high-speed connectivity in your entire household with the advanced WiFi solution, incorporating eero 6+ or eero Pro 6e. Experience the remarkable fiber capabilities spread across your home, all at an affordable monthly rate.*

If you can dream it, you can stream it.

We partner with top streaming TV providers to bring you the best entertainment with less cost and less compromise than traditional cable. Whether you love sitcoms, movies, sports, or live TV — there’s a plan that’s right for you.

Surf Internet is the future of connectivity in Goshen

Internet access has quickly transformed from amenity to a necessity.

Quality-of-life, business competitiveness, college readiness, next generation manufacturing, connected health, digital city initiatives and more require fiber infrastructure.

We build next-generation services for the entire community from individual homes to entire industrial parks.

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