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Meet eero your WiFi hero

Now eero 6+ technology can spread Surf’s fast, reliable coverage to every corner of your home with an added layer of security and support.

Boost your Surfing Power

With eero Whole-Home WiFi, Surf is able to provide you with new levels of security and even faster access to troubleshooting from local customer service experts.


Control your connected home devices from anywhere with a simple mobile app.


Surf’s local experts fully manage each wifi system and can quickly pinpoint issues during support calls— which means we can support you better than ever.


Protect your growing digital life with eero Secure™. Keep your family’s personal information, devices, and network protected from online threats with world-class security.


Help your family surf safely with eero Secure™. Access parental controls, including content filters, entertainment controls, and site blocking.

How many eeros do I need?

Eero Wifi Router

1 eero 6+

Small single story home

Eero Wifi Router

2 eero 6+

Medium size home with multiple stories

Eero Wifi Router

3 eero 6+

Larger home with multiple stories