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Do Not Call

Effective August 1, 2022


It is the policy of Surf Air Wireless LLC (“Surf Internet” “us,” “our,” or “we”) to fully comply with all applicable telemarketing laws and regulations regarding wire-line and wireless telephone communications, whether such calls (including texts) are made using automatic telephone dialing system, pre-recorded or artificial voice calling technologies, or by a live person.  This Do Not Call Policy (“Policy”) is designed to inform and educate consumers as to our business practices regarding consumer Do Not Call (“DNC”) requests.


Surf Internet has numerous affiliates and divisions.  Telemarketing calls are for the purpose of marketing and promoting specific Services and/or affiliates; therefore, a called party’s request to opt out of such calls will also be specific to that Service and/or that affiliate – not the entire Company, unless the consumer so requests. 


Surf Internet may contract with third party service providers to conduct telemarketing calls on its behalf. Such service providers will identify their company name during the call and are bound by written contract to comply with all state and federal laws and regulations for calls made on the Company’s behalf and to follow the procedures detailed in this Policy.  Surf Internet or its service provider, will provide a copy of this Policy upon consumer request via U.S. Mail or email.  If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please contact: SUPPORT@SURFINTERNET.COM.


Consumers that have enrolled in a Company subscription SMS/text messaging service must opt-out of any such messages via the instructions provided in the text and in the service’s Terms and Conditions.  However, Consumers may request, by telephone or in writing (including email), that Surf Internet place their name and telephone number on a company-specific "Do Not Call" list, which is called the “Surf Internet DNC List.”  Although we may ask for your name, address and telephone number, we will accept your request even if you only provide your telephone number.  You have a right to request that commercial and marketing calls be stopped and to be put on the Surf Internet DNC List even if you are an existing customer.


Please note that this Policy only applies to commercial and marketing telephone solicitations.  We will continue to contact customers via telephone or text for administrative, relationship, and transactional purposes related to a customer’s account.


When we receive your request, your telephone number is added to the Surf Internet DNC List at the time the request is made.  Please be patient as it may take weeks to complete processing the removal of your telephone number from our database(s).  Your request will be honored no later than thirty (30) days from the date of your request and will stay on the Surf Internet DNC List for at least five (5) years.  If you move, change your telephone number, or add an additional telephone number, you must provide us with the new telephone number in order for us to prevent calls to that number.   



All employees of Surf Internet and our third party vendor(s) that engage in outbound telephone solicitations are trained in this Policy as well as the proper use of state and federal DNC registries and are made aware of these procedures before they are allowed to place calls to consumers.  The Company has also distributed this Policy to pertinent Surf Internet customer service departments and call centers, so that customer inquiries related to the Company’s telemarketing efforts can be better addressed.  Managers, supervisors, or trainers review the Policy with these employees quarterly.


If the consumer notifies us, either through the customer service department, call center or our telemarketing service provider that he/she has received a telephone call from us after he/she has already requested to be placed on the Surf Internet List, we apologize for the intrusion and will have a manager or supervisor investigate whether the request was made longer than thirty (30) days prior to the complaint.  The manager or supervisor will also confirm that the consumer’s telephone number is on the Surf Internet DNC List and that the call was not for administrative, transactional or relationship purposes, which is not prohibited under state or federal laws and allowed even if a consumer is on the Surf Internet DNC List.  Only commercial telephone solicitations are prohibited once a telephone number is on the Surf Internet DNC List.   


The methods and procedures in this Policy are reviewed Surf Internet’s management semi-annually.


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