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Tailored Fiber Solutions for Multi-Dwelling Properties

Surf fiber internet enhances multi-family communities by providing the most advanced Fiber-Optic network to transform the way residents work, learn, play and connect.

Benefits for the Property

Quick and Easy Installation

Fiber cables can utilize and extend existing infrastructure, making the process less time-consuming and more cost-effective compared to previous technologies, like coaxial cables.

Faster Speeds Attract and Retain Residents

According to a 2020 NMHC report[1] 372,000 apartment residents nationwide revealed their preferences: Internet service ranked #1 at the top of the list of residents preferred amenities.

Fiber Access Enhances Property Value

The FTTH Council released a study showing access to fiber internet raises rental values by up to 8 percent.[2]

Faster Download and Upload Speeds

Fiber Internet faster speeds reduces page load times which can increase users’ productivity throughout the day, whether they have work projects or online school assignments to complete.


Information and data is gathered quicker, it’s not as frequently affected by extreme weather and won’t cut out midway through schoolwork, meetings or gaming.


Surf’s ALL-IN Pricing* offers packages that meet any budget. Unlike other providers, we include equipment fees and taxes in our internet package pricing. All services include our Price-Lock for Life* so the cost of your residents’ service will never go up.

The Surf Internet Advantage

Surf Internet is committed to developing an agreement that’s optimal for both parties. Speak with your representative to develop the best incentive plan for the long-term partnership.

Photo of The Banks apartment complex

Revenue Share

A custom revenue sharing program can be built that benefits both parties.

Referral Bonus

One-time rewards can be earned for influencing tenants to sign up for Surf internet service. 

Added Value

Complimentary internet service for the main office, common area and management personnel who live nearby can be negotiated

Meeting Critical Demand

The need for a high-speed reliable connection is more critical than ever before, especially with the growing demand for streaming content.

Consumption & Speeds Increase

Over the past 5 years, average bandwidth consumption has grown 165% with Gigabit speed tier adoption up 4.25x.[3]

Streaming Services Usage

U.S. broadband households have 25 connected devices and subscribe to an average of 9 streaming services.[3]

Cord-Cutting on the Rise

In 2023, Non-pay TV (streaming) households will outnumber pay TV (cable TV) households by about 5 million.[3]

Traditional Paid TV

Subscriptions are set to decline by 27MM-56MM by 2024, making up less than 50% of occupied households.[3]

"We were impressed with how quickly everyone responded to any questions that we had. They went above and beyond our expectations and we were pleased with the end result.  We would recommend them to any complex that is looking to add high speed fiber internet."

Steve & Rita, Owners
Pine Crest Apartments, Columbia City, IN

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