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Oct 27, 2023

Press Release – For immediate release

Plymouth Schools Install Emergency Lock Boxes Through Donation From Surf Internet

Representatives from Surf Internet, Plymouth Community Schools, and the Plymouth Fire Department pose for a photo during the October 26 event held to discuss the installation of emergency lock boxes in PCSC schools.

ELKHART, Ind. (October 27, 2023) — Plymouth Community Schools Corporation (PCSC) has taken a significant step towards bolstering school safety by installing emergency lock boxes at their educational facilities, thanks, in part, to a generous donation from Surf Internet. This vital safety initiative was discussed and inaugurated at the PCSC Administration Building on Thursday, October 26.

Knox Boxes are secure, wall-mounted containers specially designed to store keys, building maps, and other essential materials during emergencies, such as fires or medical crises. These devices serve as a critical asset for educational institutions, offering seamless access to firefighters, paramedics, and law enforcement personnel during urgent situations. This swift accessibility plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff, making it a prudent choice for schools to have on their premises.

“Accessibility and timeliness is the best case for us,” said Plymouth Fire Chief Steve Holm. “The longer we wait in any type of situation, whether it’s medical or a fire, it exponentially grows either way. So, the faster we can get to any of those and stop them ahead of time, the better.”

Members of the local media were cordially invited to the event, where they had the opportunity to engage in discussions with key figures, including Plymouth Fire Chief Steve Holm, PCSC Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter, PCSC Director of Safety and Security Ward Byers, and representatives from Surf Internet. Attendees also witnessed the installation of Knox Boxes at Plymouth High School, gaining insight into their functionality and the rationale behind Plymouth Schools’ decision to implement them.

“Our goal as a company isn’t just high-speed internet, it’s transformation of communities, and we love to give back as a part of that mission,” said Surf CEO Gene Crusie. “We’re proud to partner with the good people at Plymouth Community Schools to do something important for the safety of those we value most: our children.”

Surf Internet’s fiber deployment in Plymouth started with a fiber optic network purpose built to serve the school district’s seven locations and has been a catalyst in expanding high-speed fiber-optic internet to most of Plymouth, Ind. The support extended to Plymouth Community Schools exemplifies Surf’s steadfast commitment to the local communities they serve, whether through charitable donations, active participation in community events, or local sponsorships.

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